Mass spectrometry (MS) is used for determining the elemental composition of a sample or molecule and for providing information about the chemical structures of molecules. The technique has both qualitative and quantitative uses.

Waikato's Mass Spectrometry Facility operates and maintains the Faculty of Science and Engineering's range of high-performance mass spectrometers at the University of Waikato. The instrumentation supports research and teaching activities within the Faculty and a range of services are also available to external institutions and industrial clients.

Please see below for the services currently offered. For more information, please contact us.

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Accurate masses up to 3000Da using ESI-TOF.

ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry)

Samples may be introduced as solution or through laser ablation.

GC-MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry)

Samples must be volatile and may need to be derivatized. Derivatization with acetate, methyl or trimethylsilyl groups can be carried out as part of the service.

Other Mass Spectrometry Services

For other, non-routine mass spectrometry services or for SPR please contact the Academic Manager or the Technical Officer.

Other Analytical Services

The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers a range of other analytical services to external clients. Please contact the Faculty for more information or advice.



For the latest equipment and analytical costs for external clients, please refer to the Science & Engineering Services Fees Schedule.